Sunday, November 15, 2015 NIOC, Pioneer in National Development Plans NIOC, Pioneer in National Development Plans
As one of the largest oil companies across the globe with full membership position in the OPEC, the National Iranian Oil Company leads the path in the Middle East in terms of regional and global cooperation, to establish its unrivaled and historic position with respect to production and export in the region, through further promotion of exploration, drilling, production, R&D, refining and distribution of oil, gas and petroleum products as well as exports of the same.

To maintain its position in the region and in the international arena, NIOC has focused its policies on common oil and gas fields (mainly the West Karun and South Pars fields), EOR and IOR, gas injection into oil fields and enhanced and improved recovery of reservoirs which are in their second half of their life cycle. On the other hand, technology advances together with the complexity of economic and political ties has made this major oil company to put in its agenda the national and regional policies and cooperation with the key industrial countries with an eye to energy supply and stability in global oil markets.


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